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Mold Oil (Form Oil)

Silicone Mold Oil(Form Oil)

Silicone mold oil is a specially formulated lubricant that is designed to ensure easy release of molds from silicone rubber. It is widely used in various industries, including food, medical, and aerospace, where precision is crucial. The silicone-based mold oil provides an excellent release of molded parts and components without affecting their surface finish or quality. 

Mould Oil (Pre-cast)

If you're in the precast concrete manufacturing industry, you know that having the right mold oil is crucial to producing high-quality products. Precasting mold oil, also known as release agent or casting lubricant, is a specialized lubricant that prevents concrete from sticking to the mold surface during the casting process. By applying a thin layer of mold oil before pouring the concrete, you can ensure easy removal of the cured concrete from the mold without damaging the mold itself.

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